HULK - Croatian Linux User Group and
HrOpen - Croatian Open Systems Users' Group presents
Croatian Linux Users Conference 1999.
22nd and 23rd of April 1999.
Faculty of Electrical Engeneering and Computing, Zagreb

This is the list of confirmed lectures and workshops so far...
Jakov Curic, HULK Linux gateway as a solution for Windows office networks
Dunja Placko - Vrsnak, GS OS Linux in meteorological and hydrological servise
Josko Orsulic, FER, Zagreb How can Linux defend itself from Internet jeopardies?
Hrvoje Dogan, HULK Linux on various platforms

Matija Nalis

Linux kernel - look from inside

Senko Rasic, HULK

Microlinux - small Linux distribution for Croatian users
Hrvoje Vulin, HULK Databases on Linux

Radoslav Dejanovic, PC Chip

Linux - from fear to power user
Dobrica Pavlinusic, FOI Varazdin project - integration of web and databses in secure fashion
Hrvoje Dogan, HULK Integration of Linux and Windows NT systems
Damir Kovacic, FER Zagreb Linux in custom made systems
Kristijan Conkas, HrOpen forum "The only good spam comes from Hormel" - how to fight e-mail spam with Linux
Milan Rajacic X Window system on Linuxu and Window managers

Dobrica Pavlinusic, Hrvoje Dogan

Linux as advanced router

Hrvoje Horvat, Andrea Stevanovic

First steps in Linux
Group discussion
What has to be done to promote usage of Linux in Croatia

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HrOpen forum FER
Unska 3
10000 Zagreb
tel./fax: 6129-660
Jordanovac 119
10000 Zagreb

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